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Dressed in his white African attire, Rev. Aloysius David of the Christ Ambassadors Intercessory Prayer Ministry in Paynesville mounted the podium to announce his presidential bid to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2017 to an audience made out of predominantly members of his prayer ban and the Christian community.

He started by telling the gathering that Liberia’s problem was not political but spiritual and only a God-fearing leader could lead to redeem it.

According to the latest aspirant, the reason behind his ambition comes as the result of a repeated revelation he is been shown as God’s chosen David for the presidency of Liberia in the upcoming 2017 elections.

He said his revelation, he said that his being God’s choice for the presidency of Liberia started in the 2000 on the Bujumbura Refugee Camp in the Republic of Ghana, where Liberians took refuge for over a decade as they fled the 14 years civil crisis in Liberia.

He said God had spoken to a woman, who is now deceased, that he would become Liberia’s next president after President Sirleaf.

« While they were waiting for traveling and other opportunities, God by His divine providence, called each of these women to pray for Liberia, the people and the leadership.

He gave them a strict mandate to forgo all their traveling and business opportunities and carry on his assigned task.

« Of course, God has been repeatedly speaking with numerous confirmations from young and old, even from children under age, including outsiders on this subject and other national issues.  »

« This date, it has become increasingly clear that Rev. Aloysius W. Kpadeh is God’s Chosen David for the top leadership post in the upcoming 2017 elections, » he said.

Rev. Kpadeh said his presidential vision is to proffer service to people through the effective and efficient management of the natural resources, to have human resource, economic, and infrastructure development by allowing Liberians to taking ownership of their country and be self-sufficient.

« We exist to rebuild a nation with a difference, where citizens of Liberia will be transformed and inspired to have the spirit of participation and take ownership of their country through human resource, economic and infrastructure development, and to be self-sufficient, » he added.

In a petitioned statement issued to the aspirant a group under the banner « Friends of Rev. Aloysius Kpadeh », bulk of whom were ministers of the gospel said his track record of the aspirant from his days at the University of Liberia and Lamco Yekepa, Nimba County, where he served and headed the Liberian industry sector was a good example of his humanitarian and loyalty to development.

The petitioners statement said: « Now having taking note of the revelations that some of us have received from the lord pointing to you as his chosen number ‘David’ (President) of Liberia and Zechariah who championed Godly, historic reforms; and therefore we are hugely overwhelmed by these astounding disclosures concerning you.

« Having keenly observed your general attributes, we as duly registered and qualified voters hereby petition you, Rev. Kpadeh to contest as an independent candidate for the office of president of the republic of Liberia in the upcoming general and Presidential elections. »

Surprised by the setup for the petitioning programs, many of his neighbours claimed not to know him and were not familiar with the aspirant.

One said: « Who is he? Does he live in this community? »

« We who live here don’t know that man, how will the Liberian people know him to vote him as President… ? »

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