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The big number of Moroccans and Bohra Muslims from India who visited Tanzania in September and October this year helped to boost the number of tourists in Zanzibar to the highest number ever.

Leader of Bohra, a Sunni Muslim community from the state of Gujarat in India, visited Tanzania, followed by the King of Morocco, who is reported to have come with an entourage of at least onethousand people. Both the Moroccan king and the Bohra leader later decided to visit Zanzibar as tourists for several days.

Mr Hassan Haji Chum, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Tourism Commission of Zanzibar, said the number of tourists last month jumped to 44,009, the highest ever, compared to 25, 914 the same month last year, while in September the record was 32,689, up from 27,014 tourists last year.

« This was good for us, and we thank them for coming, » Mr Chum said, adding that the tourism sector has been promising as the year comes to an end with increasing number of tourists from new markets.

He said the biggest number of tourists travelling to Zanzibar use air transport rather than sea transport from Dar es Salaam, while women tourists outnumbered men in both September and October this year.

The PRO said his office has been advertising Zanzibar to attract tourists from new markets mainly in Asia and Arab Countries, and already the efforts are yielding good results. Tourism industry now generates about 80 percent of Zanzibar’s foreign currency.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Tourism Commission, Mr Saleh Ramadhan Feruzi passed away yesterday after a long illness and was laid to rest at Mwanakwerekwe cemetery.

Leaders including Second Vice-President Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, former President Dr Amani Karume, and retired union Vice-President Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilali led hundreds of mourners at the funeral.