Daily Trust Abuja Maureen Onochie
Displayed with permission from allAfrica.com

Founder and Executive Chairman of Nigeria’s BUA Group , Abdulsamad Rabiu, has been named the “2016 All Africa Industrialist of the Year” at the CNBC AABLA 2016 Finale. At the event, Africa’s nine best business leaders in various categories were celebrated. The event was attended by prominent businesses leaders from the continent, ambassadors and the Premier of Gauteng, David Makhura.

The winning business leaders triumphed at the All Africa Finale after an 11-month long journey in Africa’s leading business award, which recognised Africa’s bold leaders and change-makers of business in East, West and Southern Africa.

The All Africa Finale also drew audience from the United States, Australia, Scotland and India.

Receiving the award, Rabiu reiterated his call for African individuals, businesses and governments to look inwards, saying: “Africa has been presented with a unique opportunity-to tap our plentiful human, economic and intellectual resources and also, to forge a path of economic prosperity for the continent. This transformation starts with us-the people and business leaders in a position to influence the change that we need.”