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An author of ‘Embracing the realities: unveiling the truth about Homosexuality’, Rev Dr. Francis Nyarko, has called on Africans not to wholeheartedly accept just any foreign culture that would be imposed on them.

According to him, Africans have their own belief system which goes contrary to some of the foreign cultures that are daily enforced on them. He said Africans have great responsibility to protect their heritage, as well as leaving behind a legacy that must have positive impact on their children’s children.

Launching the book in Accra on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, he urged the people of the black continent to stand for the truth, live and walk the talk, and champion the message that will bring about revival of the land.

‘Truth is, the primary key every moral being ought to possess in order to act as human being with virtues is promised on God. This is the one truth many are grappling with today,’ he said. Rev Dr. Francis Nyarko added that Africa cultural and religious values are what bond them together for a common destiny, but negative aspects of globalization, especially homosexuality and lesbianism have dented the very essence of human existence.

‘Some people want to recklessly write their own laws and live their own pleasured and man-centered lives (just the way they want it).

‘They have been deceived into believing that there is no reference point from which we ought to live our lives. Little wonder the West continue to lose battle against morality,’ he stated.

According to him, though Africa cannot isolate itself from the rest of the world, the people must rise up and fight for the future of the generations, saying ‘If we, as Africans think that we are immune to what is happening in the West and the rest of the world, then we are simply deluding ourselves.

‘It is time for us to wake and fight on the side of our children against the evil contending force that charge against them daily.’