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National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) 1st Vice-Chairman Ben Ekumbo will be detained for three days to enable police finalise their probe after Nike kits were seized at his home.

Ekumbo appeared before Nairobi Milimani Law Court Magistrate Teresah Nyangena on Tuesday morning after being arrested a day earlier from his Nairobi apartment in Westlands.

The prosecution wanted Ekumbo remanded for seven days to allow police complete investigations but the magistrate ruled that he be detained for three days before he is charged.

The prosecution told court that police are still following crucial leads and will require more time before charges are preferred against the suspect.

State Prosecutor Eddy Kadebe said Ekumbo, who is also chairman of Kenya Swimming Federation is being investigated for theft, abuse of office and neglect of official duty.

Ekumbo, who was the Deputy Chef-de-Misson for Team Kenya for the 2016 Olympic Games, becomes the fifth official to be arrested over the Rio debacle that saw allegedly Sh80m embezzled.

« From the time he was arrested and the time within which to conduct investigations had not been adequate and requires more time, » said Kadebe.

However, lawyer Stephen Muhia objected to the prosecution’s application, saying Ekumbo’s constitutional right to be released on bail will be breached.

He further stated that Ekumbo was leading a delegation to world swimming governing body FINA games since he was the chairman of Kenya Swimming Federation and detaining him will interfere with his official duties.

Among the items the prosecution claims Ekumbo was found with include Team Kenya’s official sweaters, tracks, Jackets, swimming googles, swimming jackets and other kits some of which were allegedly stolen way back in 2010.

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