The Citizen (Tanzania)
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Kampala. President Museveni has explained the recent shifts in global politics that saw business mogul Donald Trump defeat the former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the just concluded US presidential elections.

In his latest missive titled the “Casualties of Western neo-imperialism and African weakness,” the chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) also explained why former British Prime Minister David Cameron lost the referendum where Britons voted to quit the European Union.

In the article seen by Daily Monitor, President Museveni said: “In recent months, two western ruling groups have suffered defeat in the elections. Although it is not the culture of Africans to talk about other people’s “houses” (internal affairs of other people), I feel compelled to comment on the events in the USA, Britain and Hungary in recent times because they are somehow connected with Africa and the Middle East.”

“Although there are other reasons that we outsiders cannot easily know, there is one factor that has turned into a curse for the perpetrators. This is the factor of conducting wars of aggression against sovereign states that are, moreover, members of the UN,” Mr Museveni added.

Mr Museveni said such attacks were “wrong and unjust”, citing attacks on Iraq and Libya. He questioned the double standards of the western powers wondering who was allowed to have weapons and who was not, like in the case of Iraq which was attacked for having weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological and chemical). The President also called on the US and European countries not to complain about Africans and Arabs flooding into their countries as refugees since it is they that have invaded these countries as imperialists, and therefore created refugee situations.

“Be that as it may, the promoters of attacks in the Middle East and North Africa, provoked a human exodus that has caused the backlash bringing down Mr. Cameron and Ms Clinton. Although immigration is not the only reason that brought down those groups, it is certainly one of them. The question then, is: “Were these deliberate imperialist designs or were they just mistakes?” The Western countries and Africa need to scrutinise this issue and come up with correct answers,” President Museveni’s article reads in part. (NMG)