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A Gutu pastor, who reportedly tied himself by the waist using a chain to steel rails that surround Africa Unity Square in Harare for unknown reasons, appeared in court yesterday charged with criminal nuisance. Patrick Phillip Mugadza last December staged a one-man protest against President Mugabe in Victoria Falls during Zanu-PF’s 15th Annual National People’s Conference.

Mugadza chained himself while holding a Bible, shouting and making noise to members of the public.

He appeared before Mrs Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro, who remanded him out of custody on free bail and is expected back in court on December 6.

Through his lawyer Mr Gift Mutisi, Mugadza unsuccessfully challenged his placement on remand arguing that his arrest and detention were unlawful.

He told the court that he was assaulted and was not advised of the charge he was facing on time, thereby infringing on his rights.

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However, Mrs Guwuriro threw away the application after the State proved that his application lacked merit.

On November 22 at around 1600hrs, police from the reaction group were on patrol in Africa Unity Square.

It is the State’s case that Mugadza was shouting on top of his voice, disturbing people who were passing by the park.

The police officers proceeded to where he was standing and noticed that he had chained himself to the rails.

According to the State, Mugadza had positioned himself directly opposite the entrance to the Parliament of Zimbabwe along Nelson Mandela Avenue.

He was making a lot of noise while facing the entrance, annoying members of the public within Africa Unity Square.

Mugadza was arrested and taken to Harare Central Police Station after he was advised of his charge and constitutional rights.