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A German filming company, PolyPhone Crew, accompanied by actors and actresses from Germany, are in the country to film a renowned German TV serie called « Traum Schiff ».

The series is shown on a German TV channel, ZDF, which is very popular in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, attracting more than 17 million viewers. The team jetted in Dar es Salaam earlier this month for a 21-day filming mission which comes to an end tomorrow.

The lead actor in the series which is being filmed in Tanzania is Hardy Kruger Jr, son of famous actor Hardy Kruger who along with a very prominent US actor John Wayne acted in the world famous « Hatari » film which was filmed in Tanzania’s Arusha National Park.


The episodes which are being filmed in Tanzania will among other things feature some of Tanzania’s leading tourist icons: Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Arusha National Park and is scheduled to start being aired next March.

So far the team has done most of their shooting at Shu’mata Lodge, located in West Kilimanjaro They are also expected to visit and shoot in Zanzibar.

Speaking in West Kilimanjaro when she recently met the crew and film actors and actresses, the Managing Director of Tanzania Tourist Board, Devota Mdachi noted that the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) applauds the filming company for considering Tanzania as a proper and excellent location to shoot the film.

« We really acknowledge Polyphone Filming Company for choosing Tanzania as their filming location for this film. We believe that through this film many prospective tourists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be enticed to come to visit Tanzania’s tourist attractions, » she noted.

Mdachi further said that the filming will also create more awareness to international film producers that Tanzania is a destination which has perfect locations for filming opportunities.