Displayed with permission from dpa German Press Agency

Banjul (dpa) – Gambia will reverse its decision to leave the International Criminal Court, president-elect Adama Barrow announced Thursday.

The West African country had announced in October that it would become the third African country after Burundi and South Africa to leave the ICC, accusing the court of focusing on human rights crimes in Africa instead of other continents.

Barrow, who won the December 1 elections, said he would reverse the decision of his predecessor Yahya Jammeh to leave the ICC. He said the court prevents impunity and promotes good governance.

However, Barrow ruled out handing Jammeh to the ICC if it sought to try him for some of his alleged crimes, saying Gambian courts could handle such cases. The international tribunal is only designed to handle cases when national courts cannot or will not try them.

Barrow also said Gambia would rejoin the British Commonwealth, which it left in 2013, slamming it as a « neo-colonial institution » at the time.