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The Second Vice- President Ambassador Mr Seif Ali has urged Mauritians to invest in Zanzibar, saying there are enough opportunities in tourism industry.

Speaking to the fivemember delegation led by Mr Santaram Baboo from Mauritius, Mr Iddi said Zanzibar has many areas to invest, as the government continue to improve infrastructures. « Mauritius has moved fast in tourism sector; therefore your investment here can help us move ahead.

We welcome you to invest in hotels and aviation industry, » second vice- president said at the meeting held in his office Vuga, Stone Town. Mr Iddi said that his government has been working hard to ensure there is favourable environment for investors from across the World, and that Mauritius being a neighbour and having similar environment is in better position to set-up business projects in the isles.

In response to statements from Mr Iddi, the Mauritius Minister of ‘Art and Culture’ Mr Baboo commended Zanzibar for working hard to improve environment for investments.

« I think you have done a lot to keep your country safe alongside improving infrastructure, which is a vital opportunity for attracting more tourists, » Mr Baboo said as he admired to establish investments in the East African Island.

Statistics here shows that on average the number of tourists visiting Zanzibar is 250,000 while Mauritius has surpassed one-million, but Mr Baboo said Zanzibar has the potential to triple the current number by 2020.