Nyasa Times Leeds Owen Khamula
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Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicist Jessie Kabwila has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) operatives of petrol bombing her Fortuner vehicle, saying this is the very reason why the police are failing to trace those behind it five months after the car was torced.

However, DPP spokesman has denied the allegations of his party being behind mafia gang.

The vehicle was petrol bombed at Lilongwe Golf Club where Kabwila had gone for a meeting.

« It is the DPP that petrol bombed my vehicle. This is why the police are failing to investigate the issue, » Kabwila said.

Kabwila said she has always gone to the police to find out progress on the investigations but the law enforcers are always elusive.

However the police publist at police headquarters James Kadadzera said the police were still investigating the matter therefore it was wrong to conclude DPP was involved.

DPP publicist Francis Katsaira said Kabwila should point fingers at her own Malawi Congress Party she has issues with.

« DPP has no issues with Mrs Kabwila, the DPP never employs violence, the DPP is a peaceful party, » he said.

He said Kabwila should leave the police do their job instead of interferring and pushing them.