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Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says the victory of opposition political parties in some African countries demonstrates that electoral commissions can be trusted to name the rightful winner.

Bwalya cited the recent example in Ghana where long time opposition leader Nana Ado won the elections beating incumbent John Mahama and also in Gambia where incumbent Yahya Jammeh lost elections.

He said that the commissions in those countries had no problem handing over victory to the opposition.

Bwalya said the opposition in Zambia should learn from examples in other African countries and not continue whining about the electoral commission being unfair.

He said even in Zambia the Electoral Commission had twice handed over victory to the opposition going by the vote.

Bwalya said in 1991 Dr Kenneth Kaunda as incumbent lost to Frederick Chiluba and in 2011 Rupiah Banda lost to Michael Sata.

He said the opposition should work on their act and not blame the ECZ when they lost elections.